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The Year in Review: Originalism-Oriented Articles of 2022 (Part 1)
Michael Ramsey

Continuing my 2022 originalism retrospective (see here for the first post on 2022 books), I turn to originalism-oriented articles featured on the blog in the past year.  I plan to highlight some of the most important articles (in my view), but to avoid conflicts of interest, I'll first note originalism-oriented articles from my Originalism Blog co-bloggers and USD law school colleagues, posted on SSRN in 2022. 

Evan D. Bernick and Christopher R. Green, There Is Something that Our Constitution Just Is

Steven Douglas Smith, The Constitution, the Leviathan, and the Common Good (Constitutional Commentary) (reviewing Adrian Vermeule, Common Good Constitutionalism)

Steven Douglas Smith, Presently Absent, or Absently Present? The Curious Condition of Natural Law (American Journal of Jurisprudence)

Mila Sohoni, The Major Questions Quartet (Harvard Law Review)

Mila Sohoni, Equity and the Sovereign (Notre Dame Law Review)

John Vlahoplus, Living Recipes . . . and Constitutions (Notre Dame Law Review Reflection)