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A Poem on Constitutional Originalism
Mike Rappaport

My apologies for posting another work by the AI ChatGPT, but I really liked this.  Perhaps that is because I am particularly challenged as a poet and so it seemed better than other efforts by ChatGPT.  

I asked ChatGPT to write a poem on constitutional originalism.  Here was the result (in seconds time of course). 


The Constitution, a guiding light,

Originalism, a principle bright.

From the founders' words, we must not stray,

Their intent, in all we do, must stay.


A document of laws, etched in time,

To keep our nation in its prime.

A framework for freedom, strong and true,

Guided by original intent, anew.


We must not twist the words they wrote,

To suit our own, a different coat.

The Constitution's meaning, clear and pure,

Originalism, our nation's cure.


So let us honor the founders' call,

And keep the Constitution, standing tall.

With originalism as our guide,

Our nation's future will abide.


Update: Eric Segall writes a poem expressing a negative view of originalism.