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Seth Barrett Tillman Receives Award from the North Carolina Society of Historians
Michael Ramsey

Congratulations to Seth Barrett Tillman, whose work is often featured on this blog, for receiving the North Carolina Society of Historians' 2021 Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution to the Preservation and Perpetuation of North Carolina History and Heritage.  The award is based on his articles "What Oath (if any) did Jacob Henry take in 1809?: Deconstructing the Historical Myths," 61(4) American Journal of Legal History 349–384 (Dec. 2021) (available here) and "A Religious Test in America?: The 1809 Motion to Vacate Jacob Henry’s North Carolina State Legislative Seat—A Re-Evaluation of the Primary Sources," 98(1) North Carolina Historical Review 1–41 (Jan. 2021)  (available here).

Professor Tillman's thoughts on receiving the award are here (at New Reform Club).