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New Book: "A Principled Constitution?" by Steven D. Smith et al.
Michael Ramsey

Recently published, by Steven D. Smith (San Diego), Larry Alexander (San Diego), James Allan (Queensland) and Maimon Schwarzschild (San Diego): A Principled Constitution?: Four Skeptical Views (Lexington Books 2022).  Here is the book description from Amazon: 

Is the United States Constitution the embodiment of certain principles? The four authors of this book for a variety of reasons, and with somewhat different emphases, believe the answer is no. Those who authored the Constitution no doubt all believed in liberty, equality, and, with caveats, republican self-government values, or if you will, principles. But they had different conceptions of those principles and what those principles entailed for constituting a government. Although the Constitution they created reflected, in some sense, their principles, the Constitution itself was a specific list of do’s and don’ts that its creators hoped would gain the allegiance of the newly independent and sovereign states. And, for somewhat different reasons, the authors of this book believe that was a good thing.