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The Year in Review: Originalism Articles of 2021 (Part 2) – The Top 25 Most Downloaded New Papers
Michael Ramsey

This post continues the retrospective on originalism scholarship in 2021 -- see here (books)and here (articles part 1) for the first two posts.  These are the 25 most downloaded originalism/textualism-oriented new papers posted on SSRN in 2021, as featured on the Originalism Blog.  (Here is the list for 2020).

Of course this measure has substantial limitations, including that it favors papers posted early in the year; that not all important papers are posted on SSRN; and that number of downloads does not really prove anything about a paper except how many times it was downloaded.  But with those caveats, here's the list:

1. Gerard Magliocca (Indiana -- McKinney), Amnesty and Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment

2. Stephen Sachs (Harvard), Originalism: Standard and Procedure

3. Kevin Tobia (Georgetown), Brian Slocum (McGeorge) & Victoria Nourse (Georgetown), Statutory Interpretation from the Outside

4.  David Pozen (Columbia) & Thomas Schmidt (Columbia), The Puzzles and Possibilities of Article V

5.  Mitchell Berman (Penn) & Guha Krishnamurthi (Oklahoma), Bostock was Bogus: Textualism, Pluralism, and Title VII

6.  Orin Kerr (Berkeley), Katz as Originalism

7.  Judge Andrew Oldham (U.S. Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit), Official Immunity at the Founding

8.  Evan Bernick (Northern Illinois), Eliminating Constitutional Law

9.  James Cleith Phillips (Chapman) & Josh Blackman (South Texas), Corpus Linguistics and Heller

10.  Aaron Tang (Davis), The Originalist Case for an Abortion Middle Ground

11.  Matthew Seligman (Yale), The Vice President's Non-Existent Unilateral Power to Reject Electoral Votes

12.  Samuel Bray (Notre Dame) & Paul Miller (Notre Dame), Getting Into Equity

13.  Seth Barrett Tillman (NUI Maynooth), Non-Textualism and the Duck Season-Rabbit Season Dramaturgical Dyad: A Very Short Response to Professor Cass Sunstein (and Others)

14.  Jed Handelsman Shugerman (Fordham), 'Vesting': Text, Context, Dictionaries, and Unitary Problems

15.  Frederick Schauer (Virginia), Unoriginal Textualism

16.  Matthew Schafer (Fordham), In Defense: New York Times v. Sullivan

17.  Seth Barrett Tillman (NUI Maynooth) & Josh Blackman (South Texas), Offices and Officers of the Constitution, Part I: An Introduction

18.  Jack Beermann (Boston University) & Gary Lawson (Boston), The Electoral Count Mess: The Electoral Count Act of 1887 Is Unconstitutional, and Other Fun Facts (Plus a Few Random Academic Speculations) about Counting Electoral Votes

19.  (tie) Aaron Nielson (BYU) and Christopher Walker (Ohio State), Congress's Anti-Removal Power

19.  (tie) Laurent Sacharoff (Arkansas), The Broken Fourth Amendment Oath

21.  Evan Bernick (Northern Illinois), Constitutional Hedging

22.  Eliza Sweren-Becker (Brennan Center) & Michael Waldman (Brennan Center), The Meaning, History, and Importance of the Elections Clause

23.  Joseph Blocher (Duke) & Mitu Gulati (Virginia), Navassa: Property, Sovereignty, and the Law of the Territories

24.  David Kopel (Independence Institute) & George Mocsary (Wyoming), Errors of Omission: Words Missing from the Ninth Circuit's Young v. State of Hawaii

25.  Joel Alicea (Catholic), Liberalism and Disagreement in American Constitutional Theory