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Papers and Commentators for the Thirteenth Annual Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference
Michael Ramsey

The University of San Diego's Originalism Center has the following announcement:

We are pleased to present the complete list of papers and commentators for the Thirteenth Annual Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference scheduled for February 18-19, 2022 at the University of San Diego Law School.

William Baude (Chicago), Severability First Principles

Commentator: Tara Leigh Grove (Alabama)

Anthony Bellia Jr. (Notre Dame) & Bradford Clark (George Washington), The Original Law of Constitutional Interpretation

           Commentator: Ingrid Brunk Wuerth (Vanderbilt)

Evan Bernick (Northern Illinois) & Christopher Green (Mississippi), There Is Something That The Constitution Just Is

           Commentator: Bernadette Meyler (Stanford) 

Jud Campbell (Richmond), Rights of American Citizenship

           Commentator: Ryan Williams (Boston College)

Michael Paulsen (St. Thomas), The Power to Declare Peace 

            Commentator: Michael McConnell (Stanford)

Adam Samaha (NYU), Construction Zone Destruction 

            Commentator: John McGinnis (Northwestern)

Ilan Wurman (Arizona State), Reconstructing Reconstruction-Era Rights 

            Commentator: John Harrison (Virginia)

The selection of the papers was difficult, as there were many worthy submissions.  In the end, the selections were made based on both individual merit as well as the need to have a balanced group of papers on originalism.

In addition to the authors and commentators, the members of the Originalism Center should also be in attendance.  The members include: Larry Alexander, Laurence Claus, Donald Dripps, Michael Ramsey, Michael Rappaport, and Steven Smith.

We are excited to have such a distinguished lineup of authors and commentators, and again we invite all scholars who are interested in originalism to attend and participate in the conference by reading the papers and joining the discussion. The Center would be happy to pay for the principal meals for those attending the whole conference but not giving a paper or serving as a commentator.

This year we are planning the conference as an in-person conference.  We will let people know if circumstances require a change in the plans.