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Nicholas Kahn-Fogel: Standing in the Shadows of the New Fourth Amendment Traditionalism
Michael Ramsey

Nicholas Alden Kahn-Fogel (University of Arkansas at Little Rock - William H. Bowen School of Law) has posted Standing in the Shadows of the New Fourth Amendment Traditionalism (Florida Law Review, forthcoming) (42 pages) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: 

In the past decade, the Supreme Court has revived an originalist, property-based approach to evaluating Fourth Amendment problems. The Court has used this approach to broaden its understanding of the sorts of governmental conduct that qualify as Fourth Amendment searches. So far, however, neither the Court nor scholars have offered a comprehensive assessment of the implications of this new Fourth Amendment traditionalism for what is known as Fourth Amendment standing, a doctrine reflecting the Court’s longstanding determination that only one whose own Fourth Amendment interests are implicated by government conduct is entitled to raise a Fourth Amendment challenge to such conduct. This Article, which provides the first sustained treatment of the issue, concludes that the logical consequence of the new traditionalism will be a significant expansion of the class of people entitled to make Fourth Amendment claims, including in cases involving the kinds of quotidian, physical searches and seizures that have long been the focus of complaints about law enforcement abuse of vulnerable communities.