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Balkinization Symposium on Kurt Lash's "The Reconstruction Amendments: Essential Documents"
Michael Ramsey

At Balkinization, a symposium on Kurt Lash's The Reconstruction Amendments: The Essential Documents (University of Chicago Press, 2021)(2 vols.).  From Jack Balkin's introduction:

We have assembled a terrific group of commentators, including Christopher Green (Mississippi), Sandy Levinson (Texas), Gerard Magliocca (Indiana), Jennifer Mascot (George Mason), Darrell Miller (Duke), Richard Primus (Michigan), Bradley Rebeiro (BYU), Lee Strang (Toledo), Lea Vandervelde (Iowa), and myself.

At the conclusion, Kurt will respond to the commentators.

Here are some of the initial posts;

What is Reconstruction? by Gerard N. Magliocca

Kurt Lash and the Canons of Constitutional Law by Jack Balkin

Kurt Lash on Reconstruction (1): Defining the topic, setting the canon by Sandy Levinson

Kurt Lash on Reconstruction (2): Is the Fifteenth Amendment an Embarrassment? by Sandy Levinson

Not Too Much, Not Too Little: Frederick Douglass in Kurt Lash’s Reconstruction Volumes by Bradley Rebeiro 

What Reconstruction Demonstrates about Constitutional Change by Richard Primus