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Federalist Society National Student Convention Today and Tomorrow at Penn Law
Michael Ramsey

Here is the announcement from the Federalist Society:

Penn Law's Federalist Society Chapter 

40th Annual National Student Symposium 

March 19-20, 2021

"International Law & U.S. Foreign Policy"

Titled "International Law and US Foreign Policy," the Symposium will focus on issues such as constitutional interpretation, international governance, trade, and human rights. For the past 20 years the U.S. has found itself engaging in a variety of conflicts across the globe, confronting the rise of geopolitical rivals in both military and economic influence, and most recently combating the global impact of COVID-19. The newfound focus on U.S. foreign policy has introduced an array of complex and contentious legal and political issues.

     Confirmed Speakers

·  John B. Bellinger III, Arnold & Porter

·  Hon. Stephanos Bibas, U.S. Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit

·  Hon. Elizabeth Branch, U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit

·  Prof. Lea Brilmayer, Yale Law School

·  Hon. Ronald Cass, Dean Emeritus, Boston University School of Law

·  Prof. Jacques deLisle, Penn Law

·  Prof. William Dodge, UC Davis School of Law

·  Prof. Claire Finkelstein, Penn Law

·  Prof. Oona Hathaway, Yale Law School

·  Hon. James C. Ho, U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit

·  Gary N. Horlick, Partner, Law Offices of Gary N. Horlick and Visiting Lecturer, Yale Law School

·  Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, George Mason University Antonin Scalia School of Law 

·  Prof. Jonathan R. Macey, Yale Law School

·  Prof. John McGinnis, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

·  Prof. David Moore, BYU Law

·  Prof. Jide Okechuku Nzelibe, Northwestern Pritzker School of Law

·  Prof. Saikrishna Prakash, University of Virginia School of Law 

·  Prof. Michael Ramsey, University of San Diego School of Law

·  Hon. Neomi Rao, U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit

·  Prof. Beth Simmons, Penn Law

·  Prof. Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, Georgetown Law 

·  Hon. Stephen Vaden, U.S. Court of International Trade

·  Prof. Ingrid Wuerth, Vanderbilt Law School

·  Prof. John Yoo, Berkeley Law

I will be speaking on Saturday, on a panel with Eugene Kontorovich, John McGinnis, and Beth Simmons (moderated by Judge Bibas) -- but on international law, not originalism.

See here for registration and the full schedule.