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The Year in Review: Originalism Articles of 2020 (Part 3)
Michael Ramsey

My final post in this series is entirely subjective: I picked 16 originalist-oriented articles from 2020 (that weren't on my other 2 lists), that were featured on the Originalism Blog, and that I thought were especially interesting.  But probably I forgot some.  Here they are:

Christine Kexel Chabot (Loyola Chicago), The Lost History of Delegation at the Founding 

Travis Crum (Chicago), The Superfluous Fifteenth Amendment?

William Eskridge (Yale), Brian Slocum (McGeorge) and Stefan Gries (UC Santa Barbara - Linguistics), The Meaning of Sex: Dynamic Words, Novel Applications, and Original Public Meaning

Jeffrey Goldsworthy (Monash), Legislative Intentions in Antonin Scalia’s and Bryan Garner’s Textualism 

Mark Graber (Maryland), Original Expectations 

Gregory Maggs (George Washington), A Guide and Index for Finding Evidence of The Original Meaning of The U.S. Constitution in Early State Constitutions and Declarations of Rights 

Jennifer Mascott (George Mason), Early Customs Laws and Delegation 

James Macleod (Brooklyn), Finding Original Public Meanings

Mark Moller (DePaul) and Lawrence Solum (Georgetown [now Virginia]), Corporations and the Original Meaning of “Citizens” in Article III

Caleb Nelson (Virginia), Vested Rights, "Franchises," and the Separation of Powers 

Farah Peterson (Chicago),  Expounding the Constitution 

James Phillips (Chapman) and John Yoo (Berkeley), You're Fired: The Original Meaning of Presidential Impeachment 

Zachary Price (Hastings), Congressional Authority Over Military Offices 

Scott Soames (USC - Philosophy), To What Should Originalists be Faithful

John F. Stinneford (Florida), Is Solitary Confinement a Punishment?

Kevin Tobia (Georgetown) and John Mikhail (Georgetown), Two Types of Empirical Textualism