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Michael Ramsey
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The Year in Review: Originalism Articles of 2020 (Part 1)
Michael Ramsey

Continuing my 2020 retrospective (see here for the first post), I turn to originalism-oriented articles featured on the blog in the past year.  I plan to highlight some of the most important articles (in my view), but to avoid conflicts of interest, I'll first note articles from my Originalism Blog and USD Originalism Center colleagues (and me).  Here are ten:

Larry Alexander (San Diego), Connecting the Rule of Recognition and Intentionalist Interpretation: An Essay in Honor of Richard Kay (Connecticut Law Review 2020) 

Laurence Claus (San Diego), Separation, Enumeration, and the Implied Bill of Rights (Journal of Law and Politics, forthcoming)

Laurence Claus (San Diego), Authority and Meaning (Connecticut Law Review 2020)

Christopher Green (Mississippi), Tribes, Nations, States: Our Three Commerce Powers 

Michael Rappaport (San Diego), A Two Tiered and Categorical Approach to the Nondelegation Doctrine

Michael Ramsey (San Diego), Originalism and Birthright Citizenship (Georgetown Law Journal 2020)

Michael Ramsey (San Diego), Courts and Foreign Affairs: 'Their Historic Role' (Constitutional Commentary 2020)

Steven D. Smith (San Diego), Why School Prayer Matters

John Vlahoplus (independent), Bound Electors (Virginia Law Review Online 2020)

John Vlahoplus (independent), Textualism and Title VII (Wake Forest Law Review Online 2020)