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Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention Now on Video
Michael Ramsey

The 2020 Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention is now available on video via this link.  Some highlights include:

Address by Justice Samuel Alito

Address by Judge Janice Rogers Brown

Address by Eugene Scalia

Panel: Religious Liberty and the New Court (Religious Liberties Practice Group) (with Stephanie Barclay, Gerard Bradley, Eugene Volokh, Lori Windham, and Judge Neomi Rao as moderator)

Panel: The Law, China, and the Possible New Cold War (International Law and National Security Law Practice Group) (with Ambassador Richard Haass, Julian Ku, Mike Rogers and Judge Elizabeth Branch as moderator)

Panel: The Presidency and the Rule of Law (with Neil Eggleston, Jack Goldsmith, Boyden Gray, Theodore Olson and Chief Judge Edith Jones as moderator)

Panel: Emergency Powers and the Rule of Law (Federalism and Separation of Powers Practice Group) (with John Eastman, Ilya Shapiro, Elizabeth Wydra, John Yoo and James Ho as moderator)