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New Issue of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy
Michael Ramsey

Recently published: the latest issue of the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy (vol. 43, issue 1, Spring 2020), featuring essays based on presentations at the Federalist Society's event "The Second Amendment in the New Supreme Court."

Here is the Table of Contents:

The Second Amendment in the New Supreme Court

The Second Amendment and the Spirit of the People Renée Lettow Lerner

The Right to Bear Arms: For Me, But Not for Thee? Stephen P. Halbrook

The Surprisingly Strong Originalist Case for Public Carry Laws Jonathan E. Taylor

“Assault Weapon” Bans: Unconstitutional Laws for a Made-up Category of Firearms Mark W. Smith

Comments on Assault Weapons, the Right to Arms, and the Right to Live Jonathan E. Lowy


On the Basis of Identity: Redefining “Sex” in Civil Rights Law and Faulty Accounts of “Discrimination” Ryan T. Anderson

Property, Privacy, and Justice Gorsuch’s Expansive Fourth Amendment Originalism Nicholas A. Kahn-Fogel

Do Platforms Kill? Michal Lavi


The Senate vs. the Law: Challenging Qualification Statutes Through Senate Confirmation Eli Nachmany