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Federalist Society Convention Updates
Michael Ramsey

Here is further video of the Federalist Society National Lawyers Convention, with the theme "Originalism" (from the Federalist Society website): 

Saturday panels

Showcase Panel III: Does Originalism Protect Unenumerated Rights?

Originalism and Constitutional Property Rights Jurisprudence

51 Imperfect Solutions for the Ethical Practice of Law

Special Session: Executive Power vs. Congressional Power

Twelfth Annual Rosenkranz Debate & Luncheon, featuring Professors Michael McConnell and Philip Hamburger on the free exercise clause

Showcase Panel IV: Originalism and Precedent

Friday panels

Showcase Panel II: Why, or Why Not, Be an Originalist?

Address by Secretary Eugene Scalia

The Future of Telecommunications Law and Policy

Money and the Constitution

Stare Decisis in Civil Rights Cases

Originalism, Populism, and the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Freedom of Speech and Private Power

Economic Law & Policy as a Tool of National Security

19th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture (Attorney General William Barr)

(Thursday panels are linked here).  Also, here is the text of Attorney General Barr's speech. which has generated some substantial press coverage.

One takeaway I had from the conference is that originalism seems now to completely dominate as a theory of constitutional interpretation in the center-right legal world.  At least in the parts I attended, there was almost no reference to conservative nonoriginalist approaches by panelists or push-back on this point from the audience.  There were, of course, critics of originalism from the left, as the Society works hard to present a balanced program.  But I did not hear much if any skepticism from the right.  (I'm not sure that's entirely a good thing for originalism).