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Corpus Linguistics Briefing in the Supreme Court's Second Amendment Case
Michael Ramsey

A pointer from Neal Goldfarb (LAWnLinguistics): 

In New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn. v. City of New York, the Second Amendment case that's currently before the Surpreme Court, two of the amicus briefs filed support of have the City are based on corpus linguistics.
One of them is my brief, which argues that the corpus data undermines Heller and that Heller should therefore be revisited, but that this is not the case in which that should occur. The brief argues that with respect to the Second Amendment issue, the petition should be dismissed as improvidently granted.
The other one was filed by Dennis Baron (who was one of the amici on the linguists' brief in Heller), Stefan Th. Gries (a linguist whose specialties include  corpus linguistics), Jason Merchant (also a linguist), and Alison LaCroix (University of Chicago Law School).
Related:  His most recent in a series of posts on corpus linguistics and the Second Amendment is here: Corpora and the Second Amendment: “keep and bear arms” (Part 1).