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Justice Gorsuch on Originalism and Textualism
Michael Ramsey

From the AP's Mark Sherman, Gorsuch establishes conservative cred in 1st year on court.  With these observations on Justice Gorsuch's speech to the Federalist Society's National Lawyers' Convention: 

Gorsuch made no apologies either for the substance of his questions and writing, or his style. He talked at length about the importance of seeking out the meaning of the Constitution and laws as they were understood when they written.

“Originalism has regained its place at the table of constitutional interpretation, and textualism in the reading of statutes has triumphed. And neither one is going anywhere on my watch,” Gorsuch said.

He went on to note that “some pundits have expressed bewilderment” about the questions he asks in court.

“But while I have you here tonight, I thought I might just settle the matter once and for all by taking a poll. ... Should I just keep on asking about the text and original meaning of the Constitution?” he asked.

The response was predictably and overwhelmingly in favor.

(Via How Appealing).