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James Cleith Phillips & Jesse Egbert: Advancing Law and Corpus Linguistics
Michael Ramsey

James Cleith Phillips (University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, Students) and Jesse Egbert (Northern Arizona University) have posted Advancing Law and Corpus Linguistics: Importing Principles and Practices from Survey and Content-Analysis Methodologies to Improve Corpus Design and Analysis (Brigham Young University Law Review, forthcoming) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract:

The nascent field of law and corpus linguistics has much to offer legal interpretation. But to do so it must more fully incorporate principles from survey and content analysis methodologies used in the social sciences. Importing such will provide greater rigor, transparency, reproducibility and accuracy in the important quest to determine the meaning of the law. This paper highlights some of those principles to provide a best-practices guide to those seeking to perform law and corpus linguistic analysis.

(Via Larry Solum at Legal Theory Blog, who says "An important paper.  Highly recommended.  Download it while it's hot!")

This is another paper in the forthcoming BYU symposium on corpus linguistics -- I have noted a number of the others already.  I will post a complete list once the symposium is published.