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BJALS Symposium on Justice Scalia
Michael Ramsey

In the latest issue of the British Journal of American Legal Studies, a symposium on Justice Scalia.  Here is the table of contents:


Introduction, by Jess Bravin

Justices as “Sacred Symbols”: Antonin Scalia and the Cultural Life of the Law, by Brian Christopher Jones & Austin Sarat

One of My Favorite Judges: Constitutional Interpretation, Democracy and Antonin Scalia, by James Allan

Justice Scalia: Tenured Fox in the Democratic Hen-House?, by Jane Marriott

The Sexual Orientation Cases, by Ian Loveland

Scalia’s Legacy: Originalism and Change in the Law of Standing, by James E. Pfander

Missed Opportunities, Good Intentions: The Takings Decisions of Justice Antonin Scalia, by Richard A. Epstein

Postscript: Textualism and Judicial Authority, by Jeremy Waldron

(Thanks to Brian Christopher Jones for the pointer.  I previously noted James Allan's contribution here.)

Addendum:  The British Journal of American Legal Studies (BJALS) is a peer-reviewed, faculty-managed journal which may not be familiar to U.S. audiences but has outstanding content.  Seth Barrett Tillman (well-known to readers of this blog) is one of the associate editors.