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Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference in San Diego
Michael Ramsey

Today and tomorrow, the University of San Diego Law School will host the Eighth Annual Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation Originalism works-in-progress conference.  Here are the scheduled papers and commentators:

(1)  Randy Barnett (Georgetown) & Evan Bernick (Institute for Justice), The Letter and the Spirit: A Theory of Good Faith Constitutional Construction.

Commentator: John McGinnis (Northwestern)

(2) Will Baude (Chicago), Constitutional Liquidation

Commentator: Bernadette Meyler (Stanford)

(3) Mitch Berman (University of Pennsylvania), Our Principled Constitution

Commentator: Stephen Sachs (Duke)

(4) Jud Campbell (Richmond), Natural Rights and the First Amendment

Commentator: Fred Schauer (Virginia)

(5)  James Fox (Stetson), Black Originalism: Constitutional Citizenship, Constitutional Rights, and the Second Founding

Commentator: Ryan Williams (Boston College)

(6) Michael McConnell (Stanford), The Structure of Article Two

Commentator: Saikrishna Prakash (Virginia)

(7) Ilya Somin (George Mason), The Original Scope of Federal and State Power over Immigration

Commentator: Richard Primus (Michigan)

See here for more information.  We are honored that so many distinguished scholars have come to San Diego to discuss originalism, and we are grateful to the Darling Foundation for making it possible.