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Originalism Boot Camp at Georgetown
Michael Ramsey

From Randy Barnett at Volokh Conspiracy

I am pleased to announce that the Georgetown Center for the Constitution is now accepting applications from law students and recent graduates for its second annual Originalism Boot Camp to be held from Sunday May 21 to Friday May 26. In response to student feedback, our already stimulating curriculum has been restructured for greater substance, more divergent viewpoints, and better flow. (For program brochure click here)

Our lecturers/speakers (in alphabetical order) will be Jack Balkin (Yale Law School), Will Baude (University of Chicago Law), Janice Rogers Brown (United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit), Thomas Colby (George Washington Law), Alan Gura (Gura & Possessky), Justice Tom Lee (Utah Supreme Court), historian Joyce Malcolm (George Mason Law), Sai Prakash (University of Virginia Law), Michael Rappaport (University of San Diego School of Law), philosopher Scott Soames (University of Southern California), Judge Diane Sykes (United States Court of Appeals for 7th Circuit)

Topics and schedule will be:

Monday: The Normative & Empirical Rationales For Originalism & the Interpretation/Construction Distinction  (Barnett, Larry Solum); and Criticisms of Originalism (Colby) (Afternoon visit with Justice Alito at SCOTUS)

Tuesday: Living Constitutionalism vs Living Originalism (Balkin); and Original Methods Originalism (Rappaport) (Luncheon with Ed Meese)

Wednesday: History, Originalism, & the Second Amendment (Malcolm, Gura) (luncheon address by Judge Dianne Sykes

Thursday: Research Methods, Philosophy of Language, & Corpus Linguistics (Baude, Soames, Lee) (Afternoon visit with Justice Thomas at SCOTUS)

Friday: Executive Power & Originalism (Prakash); panel of constitutional litigators (Concluding Keynote by Judge Brown)

For application information click here.

Additional details at the link.