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The Federalist Society's Executive Branch Review Conference
Michael Ramsey

This outstanding annual event was held last week in Washington DC.  Videos are available here.  The panels include:

Congressional Regulatory Reform Proposals

Who Wins at Administrative Hopscotch?

Regulatory Theory: Preemptive Rule-making vs. Common Law Redress

Regulatory Barriers to Innovation

Are Patents Under Attack in the Supreme Court?

Disparate Impact: Reducing Innovation in the Workplace?

Plus addresses by Senators Deb Fischer (R-Neb) and Dan Sullivan (R-Ak).

(But, I can't help adding, as a thought for the organizers: maybe a little attention to foreign affairs/national security activities as well next year?  The past 12 months were fairly big on executive foreign affairs activities of at least debatable constitutionality: the Iran deal, the Paris climate change agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership, military action in lots of places without express congressional approval, releases from Guantanamo, overcoming encryption, a range of surveillance activities, etc.).