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Announcing Papers for Seventh Annual Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference in San Diego
Michael Ramsey

Here is the list of papers and commentators for the Seventh Annual Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference, which will be held February 19-20, 2016 at the University of San Diego Law School.  I am honored that we were able to assemble such an impressive lineup.  Anyone interested in attending should contact the Center.

 1. Will Baude (Chicago) and Stephen Sachs (Duke), The Law of Interpretation

            (Paper to be given by Sachs)

            Commentator: Randy Barnett (Georgetown)

 2. Jamal Greene (Columbia), Originalism, Constitutional Rules, and the Separation of Powers

            Commentator: Michael McConnell (Stanford)

 3. Kurt Lash (Illinois), The Amendment, the Act, and the Article: Reconstructing the Historical Relationship Between the Fourteenth Amendment, the 1866 Civil Rights Act and the Comity Clause of Article IV

            Commentator: John Harrison (Virginia)

 4. John McGinnis (Northwestern) and Michael Rappaport (San Diego), Defending Original Methods 

            (Paper to be given by McGinnis)

            Commentator: Chris Green (Mississippi)

 5. Jeffrey Pojanowski (Notre Dame) and Kevin Walsh (Richmond), Enduring Originalism

            Commentator: Mitch Berman (Penn)

 6. Larry Solum (Georgetown), The Constraint Principle

            Commentator: Dick Fallon (Harvard)

 7. John Stinneford (Florida), The Original Meaning of Cruel

             Donald Dripps (San Diego)