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Michael Ramsey


Richard Posner Strikes Back
Michael Ramsey

The New Republic has re-posted Bryan Garner's response to Richard Posner's review of Garner's book with Justice Scalia (previously noted here), with a reply from Judge Posner that begins:

Bryan Garner’s letter repeats criticisms by the National Review blogger Ed Whelan, a former Scalia law clerk who is the head of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, an extreme conservative think tank preoccupied with homosexuality (which Whelan believes is destroying the American family), abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and other affronts to conservative theology.

Ed Whelan responds: More Posner Delusions.

Note: Because I am participating in a case pending in the Seventh Circuit, I have not felt it appropriate to comment on the exchanges prompted by Judge Posner's review, and I continue that policy here.