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Alan Meese on Targeted Killing
Michael Ramsey

Alan Meese: On the Legality of Congressionally-Authorized Drone Strikes.  Earlier thoughts on this subject from Professor Meese: Should the United States Replace the Seal Teams with Grand Juries?

I'll take this opportunity to make a quick general plug for Professor Meese's somewhat obscurely-named "Bishop Madison" blog ("occasional commentary on political economy, law, et cetera").  He has some outstanding posts on originalism -- a couple of his classics are: On the Appropriate Scope of Judicial Review and Original Meaning or Something Else (and if so, what?).

Note: Professor Meese is my former co-clerk and a good friend.  I think he's wrong about drone strikes, though, at least with regard to American citizens who aren't actually engaged in combat.  I'll post my thoughts on that point shortly.