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Michael Ramsey
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Michael Ramsey


Updates: Substantive Due Process, Kersch on Wilkinson, and Further Thoughts from Hadley Arkes
Michael Ramsey

Several conversations I noted earlier have interesting further developments.

(1)  Cato Unbound has a series of responses to the initial essays (noted here and here) on substantive due process by Timothy Sandefur, Ryan Williams, Gary Lawson and Lawrence Rosenthal.

(2)  At Balkinization, Ken Kersch comments on J. Harvie Wilkinson’s new book Cosmic Constitutional Theory (noted here).

(3)  At Library of Law and Liberty, Hadley Arkes has further thoughts on the discussion provoked by my review of his book Constitutional Illusions and Anchoring Truths: he asks Could We Be in Heated Agreement? (note: I'm not convinced he and I are in heated agreement, but I've resolved to give him the last word in this exchange).  The complete series of posts is:

Thanks to the Library of Law and Liberty and especially to Richard Reinsch for encouraging this discussion.