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"The Challenge of Originalism" Now Published
Michael Ramsey

The Challenge of Originalism, edited by University of Western Ontario Law Professors Grant Huscroft and Bradley Miller and published by Cambridge University Press, is now in print.  As described at Western Ontario's website:

On the strength of contributions by Larry Alexander (University of San Diego School of Law), James Allan (University of Queensland School of Law), Mitchell Berman (University of Texas at Austin), Brian Bix (University of Minnesota Law School), Stanley Fish (Florida International University), Jeffrey Goldsworthy (Monash University), Steve Smith (University of San Diego School of Law), Lawrence Solum (University of Illinois), Gregoire Webber (London School of Economics), and Keith Whittington (Princeton University), in addition to Huscroft and Miller, The Challenge of Originalism is set to become a leading guide to contemporary debates about how to reason with a constitutional text.

For an overview, see this blog's earlier post Grant Huscroft and Bradley Miller: The Challenge of Originalism.

Huscroft and Miller's book, together with Robert Bennett and Lawrence Solum's Constitutional Originalism: A Debate, published in June, makes 2011 a highlight year for publishing on originalism theory.