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"Scalia Speaks" Now Published, #1 Seller in its Category
Michael Ramsey

I anticipated its publication a while back, but it's now available: "Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived," a collection of the Justice's speeches edited by Christopher Scalia and Ed Whelan.

Via Ed Whelan, here are some enthusiastic reviews:

Perhaps my favorite review so far is from actor Edward Gero, who portrays the Justice in the play The Originalist: “Can’t put it down. Hilarious, incisive, brilliant. And well edited. Will read and reread again and again.” Others:

An “extraordinary collection of speeches” that “offer a powerful portrait of a great public figure and thinker”—“an intellectual feast and at the same time great fun to read.” http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/452189/scalia-speaks-yuval-levin [ed.:  by Yuval Levin]

“A treasure trove of new material to savor” http://www.libertylawsite.org/2017/10/05/i-heard-the-voice-of-scalia/ [ed.:  by Mark Pulliam]

“Ever intelligent and witty, Justice Scalia’s levity enchants almost every page.” http://mirrorofjustice.blogs.com/mirrorofjustice/2017/10/a-man-of-good-humor-and-good-will-scalia-speaks-ginsburg-praises.html [ed.: by Erika Bachiochi]

“Indispensable” http://www.weeklystandard.com/soulcraft-as-statecraft/article/2009859 [ed.: by Adam J. White]

“These addresses are beautifully constructed in their rhetorical expression and logical development, as satisfying to read as they must have been to hear”; “I was unprepared to laugh as much as I did.” http://www.weeklystandard.com/good-writers-disease/article/2009868 [ed.: by Barton Swaim]

The book is off to a great start: it’s an Amazon #1 Best Seller in its category and it’s generally been in the top 150 or so spots on Amazon’s million-plus list.

And (also pointed out by Ed Whelan), here is the closing paragraph of Justice Ginsburg's introduction:

This collection of speeches and writings captures the mind, heart, and faith of a Justice who has left an indelible stamp on the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence and on the teaching and practice of law. The work of his fine hand will both inspire and challenge legions of judges and advocates. If our friendship encourages others to appreciate that some very good people have ideas with which we disagree, and that, despite differences, people of goodwill can pull together for the well-being of the institutions we serve and our country, I will be overjoyed, as I am confident Justice Scalia would be.