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Sam Bray on H.L. Mencken's Constitution
Michael Ramsey

At Volokh Conspiracy, Sam Bray (a new conspirator): H.L. Mencken writes a constitution.  From the introduction:

Tyler Cowen published an interview with Jill Lepore. Cowen is an economist at George Mason University and widely known for his blog Marginal Revolution (a feast for intellectual omnivores). Lepore is a historian at Harvard University and a writer for the New Yorker. It’s a great interview, and Lepore brought up H.L. Mencken’s constitution. What? H.L. Mencken wrote a constitution? As you would expect from Mencken, it’s wickedly funny and wickedly serious. And it has gone almost completely unmentioned in legal scholarship (it’s apparently mentioned in only one law review article).

I’ll give you a few quotes, and then a link so you can read it for yourself. ...

(Here is the link).