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The SCOTUS Vacancy
Andrew Hyman

The day after I wrote a recent post about Judge Sykes, Adam Feldman published another post (at the "Empirical SCOTUS" blog) regarding campaign contributions by former clerks of the prospective SCOTUS nominees, including Judge Sykes.   Feldman notes that a separate study "found a robust correlation between law clerks’ campaign contributions and the voting ideologies of their employer judge."  So, I recommend checking out Feldman's article if you think it might be relevant to scrutinize clerks, in which case the info about Sykes's clerks stands out in an unusual way.

Also, Politico has a January 3, 2017 article titled Inside Trump’s strategy to remodel the Supreme Court.  Here's a snippet:

Those close to Trump’s search process say that the list now under more serious consideration is closer to a half-dozen, including Pryor and Sykes, as well as 3rd Circuit Judge Thomas Hardiman, 6th Circuit Judge Raymond Kethledge, 8th Circuit Judges Steve Colloton and Raymond Gruender, 10th Circuit Judge Neil Gorsuch and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen.

For whatever it may be worth, this Politico article twice mentions appointing a woman, but not for the Scalia seat.

P.S.  My resource page about the 21 SCOTUS candidates is here.