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More on Supreme Court Nominees: Justice Thomas Lee
Michael Ramsey

A reader offers these thoughts on Utah Supreme Court Justice Thomas Lee, another Supreme Court short-Lister:
If you go here, you will find summaries and citations to many of Justice Lee's important opinions.  I would direct you to a few cases in particular : 
State v. Houston, 2015 UT 40 (Lee, J., concurring)
State v. Walker, 2011 UT 53 (Lee, J., concurring)
In re Adoption of J.S., 2014 UT 51
Gregory v. Shurtleff, 2013 UT 18 (Lee, J. concurring in part and dissenting in part)
State v. Clopten, 2015 UT 82 (Lee, J., concurring)
In Re Discipline of Brian Steffensen, 2016 UT 18
State v. Canton, 2013 UT 44
Carter v. Lehi City, 2012 UT 2
State v. Prion, 2012 UT 15
Also State v. Hernandez, 2011 UT 70 (Justice Lee joined).
These cases will give you a very good idea of where he stands; and I think that cases like Prion and Hernandez are important as the outcomes cut against traditional "conservative" outcomes (Prion finds a double jeopardy violation and Hernandez found right to preliminary hearing for certain misdemeanants).
I would say this adds up to a strong originalist resume.
For more on Justice Lee, see Andrew Hyman's SCOTUS nominee resource page.