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Georgetown Constitutional Law Fellowship: Applications due Feb. 1
Michael Ramsey

Via Randy Barnett, the applications deadline for the Georgetown Center for the Constitution fellowship is February 1, 2013.

Here's the basic description of the fellowship:

The Georgetown Center for the Constitution Fellowships is designed for a highly-qualified law graduate who intends to pursue an academic career. We seek applicants who have shown an aptitude for independent scholarly research, as demonstrated by their scholarly work in law school, research related to other graduate degree programs, and/or their professional activities after law school

During their residence at Georgetown, Fellows are expected to produce significant scholarship for publication and teach a seminar on the subject of their research as a Visiting Lecturer. The Fellow also will contribute to the intellectual life of the Center by participating and guest lecturing in various constitutional law courses at Georgetown, and will have the opportunity to take part in the Georgetown Law Fellows’ Collaborative in preparation for the academic job market. The position is designed for individuals intending to go onto the legal academic job market within two years.

Though it's not specifically a fellowship for originalism scholarship, the opportunity to work with Randy Barnett and Larry Solum would make it very attractive to originalist-oriented scholars.