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Robert George on Akhil Amar's "America's Unwritten Constitution"
Michael Ramsey

In the New York Times Sunday Book Review, Robert George: Interpretive Freedom.  From the introduction:

In “America’s Unwritten Constitution,” Akhil Reed Amar, a commendably unorthodox and, in some ways, iconoclastic constitutional scholar at Yale Law School, bucks dominant opinions on both sides of the political spectrum. He contends that the written Constitution points to an unwritten one, and he argues that we can interpret with both intellectual honesty and analytical rigor. Aware that the idea of an unwritten constitution has been abused by judges and scholars on both the left and right, Amar insists that the idea itself is sound — indeed indispensable to the cause of constitutional fidelity — and needs rescuing from its abusers.

Also notable, from a while back, is this (much less favorable) review by Lino Graglia: The Nine Unwritten Constitutional Lives of Akhil Amar.

(Via Ken Matsugi at Liberty Law Blog).