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Fourth Annual Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference
Mike Rappaport

The complete list of papers and commentators for the Fourth Annual Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference is now available.  The Conference is scheduled for February 15-16, 2013 at the University of San Diego School of Law.

 1.  Jim Allan (Queensland), Australian Originalism without a Bill of Rights: Going Down the Drain with a Different Spin

             Commentator: Grant Huscroft (Western Ontario)

 2.  Will Baude (Stanford Constitutional Law Center), Rethinking the Federal Eminent Domain Power

             Commentator: Martin Redish (Northwestern)

 3.  Thomas Colby (George Washington), Originalism and the Ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment    

             Commentator: Michael McConnell (Stanford)

 4.  Allan Hutchinson (Osgoode Hall), Originalist Sin                                    

             Commentator: Larry Solum (Georgetown)

 5.  Greg Maggs (George Washington), Using Dictionaries from the Founding Era as a Source of the Original Meaning of the Constitution                            

             Commentator: Lawrence Solan (Brooklyn)

 6.  Gerard Magliocca (Indiana), John Bingham and the Drafting and Defense of the Fourteenth Amendment                     

             Commentator: Michael Kent Curtis (Wake Forrest)

 7.  John McGinnis (Northwestern), Is Judicial Restraint an Originalist Method?  

             Commentator: Randy Barnett (Georgetown)  

Scholars who work in the area are also invited to attend the conference as participants.  If anyone is interested in attending, please me know.  The public is also invited to observe the conference.