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Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference: Submission Deadline August 31
Michael Ramsey


The University of San Diego School of Law Center for the Study of Constitutional Originalism will be hosting the fourth annual Hugh and Hazel Darling Foundation Originalism Works-in-Progress Conference February 15-16, 2013 in San Diego. Submission of originalism works-in-progress is invited; please submit an abstract of the project (and an initial draft, if available, although this is not required) to Mike Rappaport by August 31.

Here is the original conference description:

The conference will include approximately 6 unpublished papers on originalism, with separate commentators, and then questions from the other participants at the conference.

We invite submissions of originalism works-in-progress for the Fourth Conference. A work in progress is a draft paper in article form that is not yet published as of the conference date. An originalism paper is defined broadly to be any paper that argues for or against originalism as a matter of theory, or applies originalism to some aspect of the Constitution.

Submissions should take the form of a one to three page abstract (and, if you like, an initial draft). The Originalism Center will select an appropriate range of papers to be presented at the conference. Submissions should be sent to Mike Rappaport (mrappaport@gmail.com); they may be sent now, if possible, but in any event by the end of August.

We will ask that the selected papers be circulated to conference participants in mid January, 2013. The Center will cover travel expenses, lodging, and meals for paper authors and commentators.

In addition to paper authors and commentators, all scholars who do work on originalism are invited to attend and participate in the conference by reading the papers and joining in the discussion. The Center will provide the principal meals for those attending the whole conference but not giving a paper or serving as a commentator.